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Combat mostly

Post by Kerisma on Mon Dec 21, 2015 7:36 pm

Initiative will be rolled at the beginning of combat, then that initial order will stay, unless some factor changes the order. For example wound penalties or blood buffs.

Magical items add additional dots, i.e. +2 Longsword means +2 to dice pool - Flaming sword adds one dice of Fire damage (in cases of a magical item dealing aggravated damage, that is soaked last, so 3 lethal and 2 fire soaked by 2 Stamina and 2 Fortitude will end up as 1 aggravated damage) etc. These magical items can be created by Mages, which while not accepted in normal society, their creations are of high value and a rarity to find. Magical items are VERY rarely on sale and while they are, they are immensely expensive. However they can be granted as a token of appreciation.

Damage = Dice pool of attacker (Strength, Potence, weapon, aimed, enchantments) - Dice pool of defender (Stamina, Fortitude, Armour, enchantments). Extra successes does not increase damage (forum based combat takes long enough as it is, decreasing the Dice rolls means smoother combat when needed).

Celerity, Potence, Fortitude grants automatic successes to appropriate physical trait - no blood used.

Diablerie, contested Willpower contest. Each character rolls Willpower, number of successes weight against each other, each additional success reduces the others temporary willpower by 1. Temporary Willpower pool used, winner takes control of the body. - Winner gets the highest level discipline of the victim, if that's already known then the second etc. Character also gains the top 3 Knowledges of the victim as a temporary boost, lowering at a rate of 1/night as the memories fade to black and stops at 1 higher than what the character originally had. If you take the body of another, appearance stays, physical flaws transfer and any previous physical flaws disappears. Physical stats are based on the body and mental/social are from the winning soul. 1 step down for every 2 generations difference, i.e. Generation 13 dialblerizing a generation 8 would end up at Generation 11 (5/2=2.5 steps, rounded down).

In order to learn a new discipline, you will need to taste the blood of a vampire with that discipline, after that you play out the roleplaying scene. For example Bob explains to Noah that in order to use Presence you need to channel your inner confidence to impose your emotions to others, keep it true to how you envision your character does it. Only the first level of a Discipline needs a tutor, after that a vampire can figure it out.


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