Laws of the land

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Laws of the land

Post by Kerisma on Mon Dec 21, 2015 7:37 pm

While anyone is welcome to the city, be it traders, caravans, warriors, fortune-seekers or just economic migrants there is a fee to get in to the city. There are two ways of sorting this fee, either you pay everyone you use the gate (in the outer wall) or you get a certificate saying you're a citizen of the city, the latter needs to be renewed every year, but assuming you leave and come back to the city more than 20 times in a year the money will have been regained.

There are two kinds of taxes in the city, one is the tithe for the church and one is directly to the King. Tax is paid on an annual basis, 5% to the church and 10% goes to the King. The amount you pay is therefore directly proportional to how much you earn. The King then allocates this money to different needed services, keeping the streets clean, the walls intact and the guards in the street mainly.

There is technically only one regulation to weaponry, you can't bring a weapon into church, there is a special room just inside the church doors where you deposit your weapons in exchange for a token, at the end of the mass the tokens will be given back and the weapons returned to the correct person. Socially there is a stigma around carrying a weapon in the wealthier districts and armour is considered very rude, no regulations are in place to stop that though.

Witchcraft, associating with creatures of evil, harbouring a creature of evil, being a creature of evil, treason, murder and heresy are all offenses punishable by burning. What is classified as a creature of evil is left vague at best, but heresy is defined as being sacreligious, not believing is not a crime, but you're going to Hell for it and no one will shy away from telling you that.

Masquerade IS in place, even though it is a fantasy world Vampires are looked upon as a creature of Evil, same with mages, werewolves and other supernatural templates. While there are no cameras or similar to provide proof of Vampire existence, it is a world where trolls, ogres and demons are believed to exist, getting accused of vampirism is a crime as severe as being accused of being a heretic.

Alcohol and tobacco are legal and available products, but anything else that would alter the consciousness of a person is not, that doesn't mean it's not possible to get a hold of and the punishment for use is usually a fine, while the punishment for selling or distributing drugs is usually prison.


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