Character Creation Rules

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Character Creation Rules

Post by Kerisma on Mon Dec 21, 2015 7:39 pm

The Beast: Each player will in their character forum have a thread named Inner Monologue, this will be where we as an ST team act out the thoughts of the Beast. It may try to convince you to do something you don't want to, it may be reasonable and at times it may just repeat the same word endlessly. We want temptation to be a part of the game and this is one way to achieve that struggling experience for you as players.

There will also be a secondary thread in your character forum where we will ask for dice rolls etc., this is to minimize the risk of metagaming. For example if John tells Jayde to sit down using dominate and the roll is a fail, she might still do so willingly, but if the Dice botches the same set of actions will be taken by John and Jayde may feel like running away. So if you intend on using a Discipline on another player, make the roll in the character forum - explaining what is intended (or post what you intended to post in the stage forum itself) and once the Dice has been rolled we will ask you to post your narrative and make a post in the victim's personal forum explaining how (s)he's affected.

Influence and Fame replaced with Civil Status, name carries weight in discussions. This means that the influence does not need to be specified in which area it is, the Civil Status also affects how people treat you. The trait at 3 may be a Knight, whilst level 2 could be a relatively respected trader and treated with the (dis)respect that comes with it. The higher your status, the more likely people are to recognize you.

× No Caitiff permitted, even if you do not know who your sire is you will still carry their blood and effectively have a Clan, that being said - a character can obviously claim to be a Caitiff or even a Salubri, if they know they exist.

*A roll will determine the power of the character, whilst we realise this does create a slight imbalance it seems more fair than to say first come first serve. A dice roll will be made to determine the age of the character, you'll get to pick odds or evens and if you're correct you get to pick (although I'd expect people to go with Age 1, you aren't forced to) which you want between Neonate or Ancillae. This is as an incentive for the Jyhad.

** Generation randomised, no dots needed, will range between 13-8, should you want to play a 14th generation or a thin-blood this decision needs to be made before submitting the sheet.

*** Extra in Clan disciplines per kinfolk race - While they are all of similar stature and appearance, these are technically different species and not races, no half-orcs etc. There is no inherent racism between the groups and they all age at a similar rate. Gnome, Halfling and Dwarf must take the Short flaw, but they do get the extra freebies from doing so. These Disciplines don't exist in mere kinfolk, it awakens with the Embrace as a magical reaction with the different species' blood:

Orc - Potence for free
Elf - Celerity for free
Human - Presence for free
Gnome - Auspex for free
Dwarf - Fortitude for free
Halfling - Obfuscate for free


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