Building backgrounds.

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Building backgrounds.

Post by Kerisma on Sun Jan 10, 2016 9:32 pm

There are different methods to build backgrounds, some methods are simple. You want another ghoul and you need to blood bind one. If you manage to get knighted, your background will imporve. There are some trickier bits and for this I was to use a baseline, once actions have been taken towards the goal a roll will be asked for by the ST.

Allies: Charisma + Leadership
Herd: Appearance + Subterfuge
Contacts: Manipulation + Streetwise
Resources: Intelligence + Finance

Etc. list will be refined in time. To teach the next dot you will need a number of successes equal to (or greater than) the next dot number times 5. So to get Resources 3, you need to gather 15 successes on Intelligence + Finance if you have Resources 2, extra successes carries over for next level and a maximum of one roll can be made per background per game night.

Clan Status, Civil Status and Status all have a secondary mechanic. If you are in a gathering where the relevant status is held by multiple people and they all agree to have your relevant Status increased then it can be done through a vote.

Example: Bob the Brujah is at the Brujah Clan meeting and his Primogen Roxanna wants to raise his Clan Status she will state so In character with an OOC message (either spoiler tag or brackets) stating she's trying to increase his status. Bob has no status so he can't vote, Roxanna has 2, Jamie has 1 and Johanna has 2. Roxanna and Jamie votes to improve and Johanna votes no, 3 status weights heavier than 2 and thus Bob now has a status of 1. Maximum of one per night, the reverse is also true for lowering someone's status.

Secondly, if a character managed to get a court position, Primogen,  scourge or similar this will increase their Status by 1 until (s)he gives up the position. This is the one exception as one player in theory can become Primogen and Seneschal at the same meeting.


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